Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to the FAQ page! Here are some frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers:

How much refund will I get?

Depends on which levels you have completed and have the completion certification for. Here is the refund per each level.

  • Level 1: $1,000

  • Level 2: $1,000

  • Level 3: $2,000

  • Level 4: $2,500

I am no longer working in the trades.
Do I still qualify ?

Another service that we offer in Avrio is T2 filing to help Canadian corporations achieve their financial goals and succeed in a competitive marketplace.

I think I don't qualify.

A lot of people mistake this grant with the grant they get once they complete their certification; however, this grant is only issued from canada revenue agency once you claim it on your tax filings . If you already file your taxes we can review to see if you claimed that or not. 

How far back can we go?

10 Years back on your taxes.
Example: We are in 2023, we can go back to 2012

I have no idea if I am registered or not.

You probably have gotten correspondence from the schooling that you went to to learn trades. As long as you have any levels of trades completed and have a certification of completion then you qualify for this grant. 

What if my trade is registered in other provinces but works in BC?

You don't qualify..

I already got the grant. Is there more?

There are 2 types of grants :

1. From government of BC which you get directly from either your employer or your school

2. From CRA through your tax filing 

I am not sure about this grant 

Lets book a free consultation with us to figure out if you qualify . 

I went through my program before any grants were available unfortunately. 

This grant has been around for more than 10 years , if you have certification of completion of any levels of trades (1-4) then you qualify for this grant from CRA. People who got their levels more than 10 years ago, do not qualify.


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