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Small business and Corporate Accounting

Corporate Accounting

How We Can Help Your Business to Grow
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Businesses can only thrive when they know how to use the most valuable assets they have on their hands which is their time. Drowning into the mess of bookkeeping, financial statements, and other sorts of Corporate Accounting affairs while your resources are limited can be frustrating. What we wish for you and your business is to offer you the comfort and speed you need to focus on your primary passion. – let’s be honest! You didn’t come into the business to get washed up by Corporate Accounting nonsense; you have other exciting things on your plate to deal with!
That is why we have provided a complete package of Corporate Accounting in coquitlam for you. So that with the support of our knowledge and expertise – and of course our love for all Canadians’ growth, we can take the burden off your shoulders and give you a hand in the development and thriving of your business.

Corporare Accounting

T2 Tax Filing Taxes

If you run a company, no matter what industry you are in or what exactly you do,  you need to file a T2 Corporation Income Tax Return. That’s where our experts come to help and guide you through and handle the filing for you. 

Corporate Accounting
Corporate Accounting in coquitlam

Financial Statements

Each corporation is obliged to annually prepare a financial statement, which is a fancy word for documentation showing how much money has your company made or spent and what it owns or how much it’s in debt. Leave its preparation to us and be sure it’s gonna be ready in its best shape.


As the name says it all, while doing your bookkeeping you need to keep a record of every transaction you make in your business. You must be alarmed that the CRA will not accept any bank statement in their review process, you will need actual recipes and invoices. Preparing such documents might sound kinda boring but believe us when we say how important it is for your business survival. Leave the boring task to those who enjoy it. We know how to handle it.

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10 Year Tax Check-up

This is where you should get excited! There are a lot people miss while doing their taxes. Things that can save them a lot of money or have a significant impact on their future financial plans. That’s why you need to take a look back at your taxes once in a while. In order to do so, we offer you a 100% free and complementary – you’re welcome! – check up on your 10 years of tax and financial activities. And you don’t need to do a thing, just file a single form and we do the rest for you. The most interesting part is that in this review we may find a series of tax adjustments in your favor. BINGO!

Tax Planning

A lot of business owners don’t have a real plan for their incomes, investments, and even costs. And you don’t want to be one of them if you’re about to find a way to benefit from different types of tax deductions and tax exemptions for your business and pay less taxes. We can put together a plan for you so that you can get the most out of your business. Just meet with our tax expert, get the necessary consultation and plan your taxes with their help.

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If you’re about to get a loan and finance your business, you’re going to need proper documentation and financial statements. Don’t stress out! Our financing experts are very well familiar with different situations and can handle this for you.

Slips Filing

Any commission earning, salary, investment income or similar financial benefits  that’s been made needs to be documented as T4 and T5 slips and has to be presented to CRA. We’ve got you covered and handle these filings for you.


Running a company can be a messy task and issuing Paystubs is just one of them. Therefore, we’re going to help you issue the payroll information for a specific time period (Paystubs) to the employees of your company. We also tell you when to remit (Pay) your withholding taxes. 

GST/HST Filing

The goods and services tax/harmonized sales tax (GST/HST) is just another tax filing that we’re pretty good with. You don’t need to make your head dizzy with its details. We’re doing that on your behalf. 

PST Filing

If you’re selling products to your customers so you’re charging them %7 PST (Provincial Sales Tax – for BC) as well. you need to collect those charges and pay them to government of the BC accordingly. What do we do here? We do the filing and set to free! 

WCB Filing

Did you know that in order to pay the insurance premium you need to not only file how much you have taken out of your business as income but also file how much your employees have taken out as income on a quarterly basis? This is the type of filing we do for you to get you off the hook. 

My Business Set-Up

Working with government portals can be a bit tricky. That’s why we help you set up your online Canada Revenue Agency portal for your business. This way you’re gonna have 24/7 access to your taxes, see your deadlines and outstanding balances and update your information. 

QBO Set-Up

Are you looking for setting up a QuickBooks account? We got your back! We help you set up your online Quickbooks Account for your business so you can have 24/7 access to your company reports. This way you’re going to be on top of things.

WCB Set-Up

If you run a business you definitely need to have 24/7 access to the insurance premiums you have to pay and know how to pay them. That’s why you need to have a WCB account. There is no need to panic! We help you set up your online WorkSafeBC portal for your business and have control over all of these.


If you need your financial and Corporate Accounting in Coquitlam documents to get audited and signed off by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), relax! We partner with some of the most reliable and authentic ones of them. 


At the time the CRA audits your business, you may need to prepare a whole bunch of scans of your documents. Don’t worry, we do that for you as well. 


Do you need to set up your QuickBooks account? Let us pay the app charges for you and benefit from a special partnership discount that we offer you.