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Avrio Working Process

Avrio Working Process

How We Work and Collaborate with You

How Does the 3M Process work?

3M comes from the 3 meetings we’re gonna have to handle your job (sometimes you don’t even need all of them, that’s how good we are!)

Get to Know Meeting


as soon as you get in touch with us we sit with you to get to know you


the first meeting is all about understanding you as our beloved client


so, in a friendly manner, we bring our cup of coffee into the Google Meet room and hear you out


you don’t need to bring any info or documents to the meeting, just show up with your cup of coffee if you wish


sometimes the first meeting gives us enough info to get your job done.


in the first meeting, we notify you about the exact time your request will be delivered and Ta-Da!

Supportive Meeting


sometimes we need another meeting. In such a case, we schedule the second meeting right away


in the second meeting, you get to know your Personal Success Facilitator who makes sure to get your job done nicely and timely


we sit together and gather all the necessary material you might need to get your job done. We do this very smoothly and of course accurately

Happy Meeting


since we’re super concerned about your job we’re gonna have a third meeting with you which we like to call the Happy Meeting


we’re gonna deliver your task, have a friendly chat, and talk about your experience with Avrio


Shoot! I almost forgot to mention: through it all and even afterward, you have instant access to your Personal Success Facilitator via WhatsApp